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JavaScript snippet: Remove base URL from link

I needed this function this morning so I thought I’d share it in case someone else does too. ?View Code JAVASCRIPTfunction RemoveBaseUrl(url) { /* * Replace base URL [..]

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It’s Not That Bad…

It’s taken nearly a year for me to become angry inspired enough to blog again.  The culprit this time is ASP.NET poster boy Scott Hanselman.  I’m only mentioning [..]

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Gentle Editing

Like many programmers, I’ve come to love Stack Overflow and the rest of the Stack Exchange network. Its unique Wiki / Blog / Forum blend creates a fantastic [..]

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K&R – Solution to Exercise 1.23

I’m working my way through The C Programming Language at the moment, and so far I’m loving C’s purity and leanness. One of my few disappointments with the [..]

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Users Are Not Stupid

Really!  And, quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of programmers talking about them like this (not all programmers, some are worse than others, and all the usual disclaimery [..]

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