“MIT Sketching” software

I first saw the video below a few months ago and I was very impressed at the time. It’s now been featured on YouTube. It seems MIT has developed some natural machine “sketching” software. The video below really explains it best.


Isn’t that awesome??!??? I could spend hours just playing with that software. Brings back fond memories of The Incredible Machine :-) This is the kind of technology I would love to see included in today’s games.

This also reminds me of a (silly) saying that you can’t get more out of software than you put in. This software clearly demonstrates that it is quite possible to create nearly infinite different outputs by simulating an actual physical environment. I believe this is also the kind of concept that made games like the GTA series so successful. Create a world that manages and maintains itself :-)

I can’t wait for the 3D version of the MIT software!