Tubecaster: First Linux version

If you’d like to try an early version of my port of Tubecaster to Linux, you can download it here.

Please see the readme file within the archive for dependency details. Basically run “python” after installing the “ffmpeg” and “python-wxgtk2.8” packages from your distro’s package manager. Tested on Ubuntu 8.04.

It pretty much works 100% except for a bug I get on my system which I haven’t had a chance to fix yet:

– After downloading one video and the interface resets itself the window doesn’t refresh properly anymore.  It’s hard to explain but basically the app keeps working in the background but the window and its contents don’t “repaint” themselves so you just see the outline of the window.  Very bizarre and I’m hoping it’s just because I’m running my test box in a virtual machine and I have a dodgy ATi video card.