Ubuntu 8.04 LTS – First looks

I just wanted to share my excitement at the latest Ubuntu desktop release.  Fantastic!  I have just downloaded and booted the 8.04 Release Candidate and the guys and girls at Canonical really seem to have covered their bases more thorougly.  It’s almost as if they read my complaints post ;-)

The last time I actually managed to even boot the live CD (and this was not even normal mode, it was safe mode) was with 6.06 LTS.  Every release since then just gave me a blank screen including in safe graphics mode and using the alternative CD.  Now not only can I boot in full normal mode, I also get full 1280×800 widescreen resolution!  Woohoo!  I truly expected support for older, weirder graphics adapters like mine to to become worse and worse but I am absolutely thrilled at the work that has gone into this release.

I can’t wait until Thursday when the full official version comes out so that I can hopefully blow away my Windows installation for good.  I have a great feeling that this is it.


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