Firefox Tip: More room on your Bookmarks Toolbar

I’m a huge fan of the Windows Quick Launch bar.  Mine is two lines high and contains 20 shortcuts, all of which I use almost every day.  Similarly, I have also become accustomed to using the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox.  Unfortunately even with a widescreen monitor the bar fills up quickly thanks to the horrendous amount of web browsing I do.

I’ve discovered a neat trick for making better use of the limited space available on the Bookmarks Toolbar: Favicons.  When you add a link to the Bookmarks Toolbar and have visited the link at least once (and let the page load fully) Firefox will retrieve the favicon from the website and attach it to the bookmark.  What you can do now is rename the bookmark (right-click -> Properties -> Name) and just remove the name altogether.  Thus:

Bookmarks Toolbar before iconisation



…reducing it to less than half the width!

Now you fit more than twice as many links on the toolbar!  Unfortunately there are still many sites that don’t publish favicons but most medium to large websites do.


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