2 responses to Tubecaster 3 UI Mockup

Interesting (& neat) mock-up. Here are my thoughts and suggestions(not being offensive, I just ran across your blog and thought you did something pretty interesting :D ):
– Why making the download so large? It seems to me that when user paste the url, it should start to download automatically or waits for few seconds (per user configuration, default to 2 -3 seconds). Then the download process bar appears, giving users visual indication that download has been started. The download button (in my personal opinion) should only be the last way to ensure the download is in process.
– Rather than calling Video link, how about renaming it to Video link (url) or Video URL? I am not sure if url is the only acceptable input or it takes others as well.
– Give visual cue for the “Download” button by adding a down arrow
– Assign an index number to each downloading video so users can reference it more easily? Or perhaps adding another tab in the same section for Downloaded, listing all downloaded videos with a unique reference number for them to locate the files easily.

By the way, what software did you use to make the mock-up? I am interested in taking it a look. Thanks for the write-up.

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