Steer Well Clear

This morning a friend told me about this article, all about a new advertising campaign run by Steers, a South African fast food chain.  The article is all about the gross misuse of grammar in the campaign and musings on corporate irresponsibility.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on the humble, often-neglected, apostrophe and the evolution of language.

I fear we are witnessing its end times.  I believe that in three to four generations it will be completely gone from our language.

I’ve been amazed just how drastically its usage has dropped in the last few years.  I believe that gross misuse, such as that perpetrated by Steers, will be among the final nails in the coffin.

It’s unfortunate, but, on the other hand, who are we to fight the natural progression of any language as (perhaps inadvertently) orchestrated by its users?  Is that not how it became what it is today?  We must not forget that the primary function of any language is to communicate thoughts.

Maybe I just feel somewhat defeated after harping on about this kind of thing for so long.  Then again, I can’t quite bring myself to accept what feels like such an outright intellectual injustice more than anything.

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