A partial list of software I’ve created.

Drive Caffeine

Got a tired drive that just won’t stay awake? Then you may find my new (open source) utility, Drive Caffeine, useful.

Drive Caffeine sits quietly in the system tray and pings any selected drives at the interval you specify, to keep them awake (it just writes a file to the disk and deletes it again). Simple as that!

“But you can just set the drive to not sleep!”. In many cases this is true, but if you have one of these newfangled external “eco” drives that enforce naptime after a short interval at a hardware level then this can lead to frustration, lost productivity, and even hairloss.


Tubecaster (discontinued)

Tubecaster allowed you to backup your YouTube videos before YouTube provided this functionality themselves.

Tubecaster 2.1.0 for Windows

Tubecaster 2.1.0 for Windows

tabs2spaces – Download

Command-line Python script which takes a file and converts all its tabs into the given number of spaces.

Python Source Code Line Counter – Download

Command-line Python script which counts the number of code, comment and blank lines in the given Python input files.

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